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Are you a plant-based enthusiast that loves geeking out? Are you a technical wizard looking to give back of your time and experience? Or perhaps you are in the thick of your own plant based startup journey?

Next Billion Burgers is bringing open source into the plant-based foods industry, and we are calling for a community of contributors to come alongside us.

Why we exist ❤️

Plant-based diets are revolutionarily better for our health, our wallets and our planet. But let's face it, many plant-based products in the market today are expensive, unhealthy and not necessarily sustainable.

At the risk of over-simplification, some of this can be overcome with the right knowledge and experience. These aren't often easy for young companies to find, ascertain and acquire. But what if we could shortcut that process?

What if we could support hundreds of young companies to build their plant-based businesses better; using native ingredients, produced in the neighbourhood and tailored to the communities that they live in.

We wouldn’t just be creating another plant-based burger. We would be launching a billion plant-based burgers that are good for the planet, good for our health and good for our wallets.

The Ultimate Soy Burger Playbook

Our main focus in 2022 will be on soy as an ingredient since it is a industry-wide workhorse, well understood and usually available. To that end, we want to assemble the knowledge required to make the ultimate soy-based burger and make it freely available for all to use.

This will be done through a series of regular publications (webinars, fireside chats, deep dives, reports, decks etc.) in conjunction with rigorous research (desktop, interviews, trials). Topics covered will range from formulation to co-manufacturing to fund raising and everything in between [see below]. These two streams will culminate in a final repository; the ultimate soy burger playbook.


Oh, and we are hoping to launch this by mid-2022.

We Need You! ✋🏻

We are looking for:

Founders who are working with soy-based products who can share more on their journey, the key issues they faced, major mistakes, and how they tackled these issues.

<aside> 💡 What’s in it for you? You’ve been through the ups and downs of the hustle. Fulfilling as it was, you also know how stressful it can be and you have often wondered if there is a better way. Come create that future with us to help others bring their vision to life!